One of my favorite things in fiction is how people imagine we will use and display data in the future. Old Star Treks and Minority Report are classics of the genre. Video games like Halo, Mario Kart and Zelda have stats displayed right over your field of view. Newer technology like Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook live and Pokemon Go overlay information and entertainment. Our analytical capabilities have increased so dramatically that visualizing data can happen in real time. Choosing what to measure and integrating it seamlessly into our view are going to remain hard for a long time.

The Martian UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

This video of The Martian UI Reel caught my eye because it’s a good guess at how a near future might shape our environment to integrate data display. Notice, there was no visual overlay. We probably have to at least get to this level of sophistication before we go full augmented reality.

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - [ UI Reel ] from Ernex on Vimeo.

The Kingsman User Interface reel is pure entertainment. It’s cheesy and yes there are 3d hologram people, but I like the creativity. I don’t think we’re close to this, and I don’t know if we ever will be.

Infographics Template from Stranger on Vimeo.

This is the cool stuff that we can do today! Ok, it looks more like RShiney, but as more people learn and contribute to data analysis and visualization we’re not far off. One horrifying thing about this is that in our data rich future “50% of men wear fedoras”!? Also crazy is that only “50% of women like pancakes.”

HUD Infographics Elements from PerryCox on Vimeo.

Now we’re talking! It’s got future music and uses both “Cyber” and “Tech.” This is stuff people are making right now. It won’t be long before much of it can be automated and built into an API. This has the potential to link the physical world of mobile devices, watches, screens and virtual reality with an ever faster ability to analyze and present data on the back end. Here’s one last one to end on:

Exploration HUD Infographics from AlexSmakotin on Vimeo.

If you find any others please share them with me.